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Use Light for Home Improvement

Updated: 06/16/2024
Use Light for Home Improvement

Improving the overall look of your home is not that hard if you know how to experiment with light and use different types and sources of lighting. There are many ways to light a space, and there is more than one way to find the perfect light for any area in your home.

There are some tips that could be useful to dramatically change the atmosphere in your home. Try to use the tips below to create your perfect home environment.

The Kitchen

Generally, task lighting is extremely crucial in kitchens, especially for the kitchen triangle that regulates workflow. The three “points” of the kitchen triangle are the sink, stove/oven, and refrigerator, so consider providing adequate task lighting for this zone.

Keep in mind that the darker the colors in your kitchen, the more sources of light you will need for sufficient lighting. When it comes to kitchen lighting, darker colors will require more light to be seen properly, and this is because darker colors absorb more light than lighter colors. When choosing kitchen lighting, make sure to consider the amount of light your kitchen will require to function properly.

Kitchen occupancy sensors, especially the occupancy sensor wall switches, are a great energy-saving option, and you should try to install one at least and make use of it.

For dining areas with long tables, pendants are a great choice. Apart from being a source of ample light, they visually separate the zone and make it appealing. Chandeliers are an alternative, and they add instant drama to the space.

Keep in mind that the proper kitchen lighting not only adds to its functionality but also brings in some extra warmth and character as well.

The Bedroom

Go for decorative wall sconces because they are one of the most beautiful options to enhance the décor. Decorative wall sconces can be used to add light and style to any room in your home. They come in a variety of styles and can be used to light up a hallway, bedroom, or living room.

There should be adequate lighting in the dressing area. Adding bedside lamps is a must for bedrooms to bring in a touch of drama and romance. Place a matching pair for balance and symmetry.

Task lighting is absolutely essential when a reading nook is incorporated. Floor lamps, ceiling lamps, and table lamps are all excellent choices. They not only are a source of sufficient light, but they can also complement the décor and add a feeling of style and elegance.

For children’s bedrooms, it’s a must to place night lights for the safety of the children. You can put dimmable night lights or motion-activated night lights according to your demands.

The Living Room

Layer the light and make the layers work together to create a visually appealing, well-lit space. Strategically positioned wall sconces, table and floor lamps help create a cozy, inviting space. If the room is bigger, track lighting would be very practical to use.

For rooms with low ceilings, think about getting recessed lighting. Moreover, when evenly spread along the wall or ceiling, recessed lights have the added advantage of making small rooms appear larger.

Accent Lighting

A lot of people think of accent lighting as mood lighting, but it is much more than that. In addition to providing atmosphere and influencing the mood, accent lighting is used to accentuate architectural features and important objects, as well as to draw attention away from the things that are not pleasing.

Pick an option that meets your needs to create visual points of interest, add an extra dimension to a room, and enhance the space.

Go Green

One of the quickest and easiest green home improvements is to replace all light bulbs in your house with energy-efficient LED ones that use about 75 % less energy than conventional lights. They will also last up to 10 times longer, and you will get a surprisingly good return on your investment with lowered electricity bills and a much longer service life.

Some more tips for creating a dream home ambiance:

  • Let in as much natural light as possible: natural light is warm and fresh. It is the ideal complement to any electric lighting scheme.
  • Repaint the space: play with colors to make it visually larger and more attractive.
  • Get rid of clutter: remove all unused items for a harmonious and balanced look of the room and only choose furniture that fits the size of the space.
  • For a relaxed and romantic mood, use scented candles, and the more, the better. A lit fireplace can have the same effect.
  • Consider adding some color lights that create a unique blend of colors and bring in some reflective items to spice up the space.
  • Always consider incorporating mirrors. Mirrors simply reflect and highlight whatever you want to feature and do not require color or style matching. They immediately add sophistication and luxury to the space and could really make a world of difference.
  • Always consider applying dimmers to set the mood that meets your needs.

No matter how beautifully a room is decorated, without proper lights, it looks incomplete and even dull. So, rework your lighting scheme to achieve a dramatic difference in the way a room looks and functions.

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