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Fobus Holster

Updated: 12/26/2023

A very popular gun holster is the Fobus. The Fobus holsters are popular for various reasons including price and durability. In this Fobus review, we are going to explain to you the concept of Fobus and list some of the Fobus holsters.

Fobus is one of the leading gun holster manufacturers. The selection of Fobus holsters is outstanding and the quality is outstanding. The Fobus focus is on making sure every customer is 100% satisfied and they do this by offering a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Fobus holsters are made in Israel but are distributed worldwide and distributed in the United States by Fobus US. Fobus holsters are all made a of a very lightweight polymer thermo-plastic material that is known for durability. Fobus holsters are generally cheaper than a lot of leather or custom gun holster options.

Fobus holsters are available for many different guns and come in a large variety of gun holster types. In this Fobus gun holster review, we will take a look at some of the types of holsters and try to give you an idea of how many options are available.

Standard Fobus Holsters

These holsters were developed for military and security service personnel. These Fobus holsters are made of a high-density plastic that is proven to withstand the most rigorous circumstances and daily use. Choose from paddle holsters or belt holsters. There are more than 70 Standard Fobus paddle holsters available and nearly the same number of Standard Fobus belt holsters.


This unique type of Fobus holster rotates a full 360 degrees and is easily adjustable to work as a cross draw holster, small of the back, strong side, or bodyguard/driver gun holster. The locking adjustment system allows for either a forward or rearward cant to ensure the best fit for your needs. Choose from an interchangeable paddle or belt loop attachment. Roto-Holsters are available in nearly 200 paddle or belt holster varieties.

Evolution Series Fobus Holsters

These Fobus holsters feature a tension adjustment screw so that the user can customize each Fobus holster to meet their gun holster needs. These holsters are all lightweight with steel reinforced rivet attachments and a protected sight channel. The one-piece construction makes this one of the most popular types of Fobus holsters. The Evolution Series Fobus holsters are also available in Roto-Holster varieties.

Thumb Lever Fobus Holsters

Featuring level 2 retention these holsters are made to give you instant access to your weapon. With a simple thumb-break release, you can draw your gun from the holster in one quick move. The retention mechanism will automatically engage when you re-holster your weapon, providing you with the best gun holster security for your weapon. There are 14 varieties available in Roto Paddle and Roto Belt.

Concealment Fobus holsters come in compact holsters, ankle holsters, and inside the waistband holsters. The compact holsters are very small and lightweight and are only available as right-hand paddle models. Fobus ankle holsters are lined with ¾” thick suede Cordura pad to make for the most comfortable fit. Each Fobus ankle holster is secured with an adjustable Velcro strap for the best stability. The IWB Fobus holster only comes in one variety but is designed to be virtually invisible. An upper and lower retaining hook maintains secure attachment to your belt and the upper hook is the only visible part of the holster. The Fobus inside the waistband holster will fit Glock models 17, 19, 26, 22, 23, and 27.

If you are looking for a lifetime guarantee, ready-made holster that is available in many varieties check out Fobus holsters. There are many distributors nationwide or you can purchase Fobus holsters from their website. These are some of the cheapest gun holsters you will find but that doesn’t mean they are cheaply made. They are some of the most durable gun holsters you will find.

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