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A Guide to Buying LED Deck Lights

Updated: 12/26/2023
deck light guide

Many years ago, LED deck lights were frowned upon by most gardeners and landscape designers. They were boring, expensive, and not particularly useful. Now things have changed dramatically. They are immensely popular, with companies selling deck led lights springing up all over the place. The diversity of these deck lights is immense now, with people ordering special custom projects for their deck areas. It has particularly become popular to link your led deck lights up to a music modulator or system for the best party lights and atmosphere.

LED deck lights come in a huge variety of designs and complexity. The thing is that whoever you are, your tastes or budget, there should be something for yourself. So if it is a retro brass or wrought iron solar powered deck light you want, then probably you will be able to find someone online who does it. So what are the main types of deck lights LED revolution?

Main Types of Led Deck Lights

LED Deck Step Lights

These small LED Step lights are fixed into the riser portion of any steps on the decking. They are often fitted with a vent-type shroud to prevent them from shining in the eyes too much. Of course, this isn’t always the case. Frosted gas/plastic fronts and lower lux rated LEDs can now be fitted without the need for a shroud. This does mean that they really do make a superb display as almost a pathway to the riches of decking heart or the garden, depending on which way you are going.

LED Deck Post Lights

Deck Post Lights come in two types really. The first is the larger LED light which will sit on the top of the deck post itself. To be honest, you probably wouldn’t put these on every single post. Typical examples are made by Moonrays and others. Of course, you can always go for something more ornate at focal corners or point like the top of stair rails.

Secondly, the smaller simple shrouded lights serve as downlights to the edges of decking areas, steps, stairs, and the like. Good examples are made by Kichler.

Recessed LED Deck Lights

Not exactly a type, but more of a sub-type. Now obvious when you think of something like recessed solar deck lights, it is across the main area of the deck that you would think they would be best suited to. Of course, you are right in thinking that, but you will find they are being used creatively actually as lighters in the decking and patio furniture themselves.

The recessed nature of these LED deck lights means that a trip hazard is removed from the area, and they are a lot more discrete and subtle than some other deck lights you can buy.

How to Power LED Deck Lights

LED deck lighting can be powered in two ways. Electricity from the house and the mains or by the sun, i.e., LED solar deck lights.

Low Voltage LED Deck Lights

Low voltage deck lighting is the traditional method of powering your deck lights. Some feel that low voltage deck lights are more reliable than solar powered deck lights and more powerful. Of course, low voltage deck lights are powered through a 12v supply that comes from the mains circuit through a low voltage lighting transformer.

They are quite small, so the hole that needs to be cut into the decking is less obtrusive. But you will have to plan and fit all the wiring, including clipping it up neatly on the beams underneath and protecting it from inquisitive rodents. You have to plan this and the placement of the lights before the decking goes down.

The easiest way to get started is one of the low voltage deck lighting kits you can get quite cheaply. Low voltage LED deck lighting is not suitable, particularly for retrofitting.

LED Solar Deck Lights

If you are planning or have a deck area that has a reasonable exposure to the sun, then solar led deck lights could be the better solution. First of all, except when you first buy them, they are free. Using the sun to charge up in the daytime, they don’t cost a dime to run. Solar deck step lights and solar led deck post lights, such as those in the range of Westinghouse solar lights, are great choices to set up on your decking areas. They also don’t need a qualified electrician to fit them.

On top of that, as they are solar powered, there is no wiring to plan for. No worries about cutting through wires later if you change the design. No worries about nibbling critters, either. For many homeowners, it makes perfect sense to go down the outdoor solar lighting route. They can also be fitted after the decking is down, and you don’t have to remember to turn them off. They just use up their stored charge and then go out.

Main Benefits of LED Deck Lights

We have talked a while now about types of LED deck lights. Now I did that first, before we actually discuss the benefits. Now when we mention something, you should be able to follow easier because we have already mentioned it. It seemed a logical way of doing things to us.

LED Deck Lights Save You Money & Save the Environment

LEDs are great in two ways that result in you having more money in your pocket when looking at your budget for deck lighting ideas.

First of all, they use a lot less energy than the usual incandescent bulbs. It is estimated that they are about 75% more efficient. So even if you use a low voltage transformer route, it is going to save you a lot of money. They do require an outlay on the transformer, but a 60W low voltage lighting transformer can probably power about 240 lights of LED riser and LED Rail Lights.

Secondly, see below.

LED Deck Lights Last Longer

In fact, they last a lot longer. One 100,000-hour LED would probably last for 12 years, even if it stayed on all day and all night, 24/7, and 365. I don’t think you are going to get many incandescent bulbs lasting that long, do you?

LED Deck Lights Keep the Bugs at Bay

Bugs are actually attracted by the heat of light rather than the light itself. So as LEDs don’t really get hot, they don’t attract those lousy bugs hardly at all.

Who Makes the Best Led Deck Lights

When we talk about manufacturers of LED deck lights, certain names always come to mind. So what I have tried to do is get a list of the makers and give you 1 or 2 choices of stores to check out for the best prices, deals, and shipping.


Synonymous with quality, innovation, and a huge range of outdoor lights of any sort, you can try getting them at amazon easily.


Moonrays solar lighting and garden accents have always been a bit wacky and innovative. Here they stick to the traditional, which will look great on any deck posts.

Solar led post caps by Moonrays Solar Lighting are available at Amazon.

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