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Windows and Doors as a Part of Your Home Security

Updated: 06/26/2024
Windows And A Door

Finding the right windows and doors as part of your home security is a crucial matter, especially as crime statistics today are on the rise. Keeping your home as secure as possible has never been more critical. Homes having doors and windows with a poor level of protection are prone to easy break-ins by intruders. Many of them are inclined to enter homes mostly through doors and force entry through windows as a last alternative. Therefore, keeping these certain parts of your home tightly secured is critical for an overall security and safety of your home.

Tips and advice are plentiful when it comes to maintaining the safety of windows and doors as part of your home security, particularly the doors as they are the main entry points that burglars and robbers often use in breaking into a home. Many cases of burglaries happen not because of the absence of efforts to provide protection for the home. Rather, the devices that were installed to keep trouble out did not function properly, were inappropriate for the purpose, or utterly failed the very moment they were supposed to work.

Hence, there is a need for homeowners to evaluate the level of security for their homes to ensure better protection for their family and property. By determining the security provided by your present security system, you can gauge whether or not you need to step up the safety of your windows and doors as part of your home security.

How to Secure the Doors

The following are useful tips that help ensure the reliability of doors in protecting the home.

  • Install solid core exterior doors. These should be tough to tamper with and come with heavy-duty deadbolts mounted in a durable frame using sturdy screws. This setup should prevent burglars from succeeding in kicking the door open.
  • Install deadbolt locks that have captive key locks for all doors with windows beside them. When you are home, make sure to put the removable key on the interior cylinder since deadbolts can likewise be a fire hazard. Upon leaving home, take out the key and be sure to bolt the lock on either side.
  • For homes occupied by several people, it is advisable to use keypads as they are an excellent option for old-fashioned locking devices.
  • Homes with sliding glass doors should have anti-lift devices that keep the door from being lifted off their track. Getting a glass break detector is also a sensible move. Key operated pins or grips also provide better protection for glass doors. Applying window film to the glass can also make it shatter-proof. Also, consider using security bars for added protection.

How to Secure the Windows

Solid protection for windows should likewise be ensured since they are also entry points for intruders. Here are ways to tighten up security for windows.

  • Install key-operated window locks, particularly when used as support to traditional window locks. Reinforce double-hung windows by attaching together the upper and lower window frames using a nail that you can easily remove when needed.
  • Aside from having strong locks, windows with bars that prevent the window from being slid upward can also provide better security than windows with inadequate locks.
  • Latch all basement windows. Bars and decorative grills can also come in more useful in preventing burglars from accessing the basement in order to go through the house interior.
  • Install secure locks or secondary security devices on all windows that can be easily reached. Add iron grates or grills to ground-level windows.
  • Reinforce your windows by using carbon fiber or wire mesh to make the glass harder to break.


Ensure an adequate level of protection for windows and doors as part of your overall home security measures. Taking these old-fashioned measures along with an installation of an advanced wireless home security system will make your home more secure and less attractive to any potential intruders. Should a break-in occur despite these measures, your wireless home security system will send an alert to the authorities as soon as the break-in happens.

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