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Hidden Fingerprint Handgun Safes Are Your Best Bet

Updated: 12/26/2023
Fingerprint Hidden Handgun Safes

Some of the best things about a wall pistol safe or even a bedside gun safe is their ease of access. A handgun safe can be mounted into a table or cabinet right by your bed, and a wall safe, while easily accessible by your or your wife, can be completely hidden behind a picture. It is important that you can easily get into your safe, and for many reasons. One of the most important is if during the middle of the night you are awakened by intruders coming into your home.

While you want easy access for you and your spouse or significant other, you don’t want your safe to be accessed by your kids or by intruders. There are many different kinds of locking mechanisms for safes, from key entry, electronic key coding, as well as fingerprint access. While there are pros and cons to all of these safes, the biometric or fingerprint safes can be safes that are the best.

Here are a few reasons why a fingerprint wall pistol safe or bedside handgun safe can be your best bet. Let’s start with the keyed safes that are available in plentiful supply on the market.

Keys are something that are unfortunately lost in abundance every day, and safe keys are no exception. In addition, no matter how safe you may keep them, if someone wants your guns or other valuable, the first thing they are going to look for is the key to the safe. In addition, if you lose the keys, you have to call the company to send for more or call a locksmith and wait until they arrive before you can open the door.

There are also electronic wall pistol safe models, as well as bedside handgun safe products. While these are better than keyed safes, they still have their problems.

One of these is that while you can have access to them with a combination, whether it is a tumbler lock or an electronic keypad, you have to memorize your combination. Most people have to constantly keep track of an abundance of numbered sequences already, from social security numbers, phone numbers, and driver’s license numbers just to name a few, that it can be difficult to remember the combination of your safe without writing it down.

The problem here again is that other people can have access to your combination or you can lose the numbers, and most people need to have instant access to their safe in an emergency, when it is most difficult to remember your own name let alone the combination of their safe! This can mean the difference between life and death in some circumstances. Another problem with electronic locks is that they can be tampered with, just like keys.

If you want to have quick access with peace of mind, a biometric safe can be the choice for you. They come in wall pistol safe products, and these safes can stand alone, be mounted in the floor, or be used as a bedside handgun safe, fitting in the existing drawer frame, or mounted in a hidden area.

The nice part about fingerprint safes is that they open as soon as they read your fingerprint and are almost tamper-proof. They can also sense when your fingerprints change over time, it will still open the lock. There are many advantages to these safes.

You no longer have to worry about lost or stolen keys, forgetting your combination in a pinch, etc. With the advances in technology, these safes can store multiple fingerprint templates and even learn and update changes automatically. This means that you can add as many people that you want to have access to your wall pistol safe, whether it is your spouse or a trusted family member.

In addition, even if a thief does find your fingerprint bedside handgun safe, chances are they will just leave it rather than have to take the extra time to open it. With the special recessed hardware, these products are extremely difficult to open without heavy blow torches and equipment.

Just like other safes, biometric safes do have disadvantages. One of these is that they are still electronic, so they need to have power in order to work. Most models have rechargeable battery backup, so even in a power outage, your safe will open at the touch of your fingertips. They may also have indicator lights that let you know when the battery needs replacing if it doesn’t recharge. Be sure to check the model closely to make sure it has these features.

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