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Guardian Protection Review

Updated: 12/26/2023
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Guardian Protection (Guardian) is the country’s largest, privately held security company. For a big, “old guy” (many security companies are less than 20 years old), Guardian is pretty spry. They professionally install security and home automation equipment in homes, small businesses, and commercial enterprises across the country.

Guardian continuously beta-tests new equipment to provide its customers with the most current and reliable security equipment available in the market. Thank Guardian’s dedication to life safety and their time-tested relationships with equipment manufacturers for its state-of-the-art technology. Even though self-setup is fashionable, Guardian holds fast and true to its traditional installer model, giving the company an advantage with customers who want a trained pro setting up their security systems.

What Makes Guardian Standout

Best Price Guarantee

Guardian Protection offers their customers a best price guarantee and will match the price of any comparable written security quote or qualified internet offer for installation and activation of a base home security system.

Big and Small

Guardian, which calls itself a “big company with a small company feel,” believes in giving back, especially to communities where customers live. It runs local charitable events, child safety courses and security clinics to let customers know they really care.


No need to pick up the phone during an emergency. VoiceLink™, a two-way communication technology, is integrated into the home security system. Simply press one button and a connection is made to Guardian’s 24-hour Central Station.

Guardian Home Security Packages and Prices

Guardian’s wireless & cellular security systems feature a variety of intrusion and automation sensors, and include VoiceLink, two-way communication that lets you speak directly to Guardian’s central station in an emergency. Guardian’s monitoring station is backed by three redundant emergency power sources that keep the center operating continuously. Monitoring packages start at $45.99 per month.

Guardian doesn’t print monitoring prices – or even contract lengths — online, and sales reps do not provide them over the phone because Guardian’s network of local installers may be able to offer discounted pricing and additional equipment to ensure their ability to provide the best price guarantee and match any other company’s comparable written price.

For equipment packages, Guardian offers several security system packages, including Bachelor(ette) Pad, Burglar Buster, Family First, Frequent Flyer, Healthy (Green) Home, Home Security Essentials, Pet Parent, Protect My Parents, and The Works.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Warranty: Guardian Protection isn’t upfront with warranty information.
  • Risk-Free Trial: Because the system is professionally installed, Guardian does not offer a trial period, but customers can cancel their contract within three days under their state’s “cooling off” laws.

Guardian Equipment & Cameras

Guardian home security systems are designed to support both Interlogix (formerly GE) and Honeywell manufactured equipment and utilize Alarm.com to power the interactive features of the system connecting users to the security system remotely through any Web-enabled device. Guardian’s award-winning 24-hour professional monitoring station is located in the same building as the company’s corporate staff allowing the company to ensure customers receive the best service and experience at all touch points — a significant advantage over companies who need to outsource their monitoring services.

System Control

As the name implies, the equipment included in this group allows users to manage and control the functions of the Guardian security system while home and away. Equipment includes keypads, phone applications and other devices that allow you to manage your security system regardless of where you are.

Touchscreen Panel

Includes a built-in keypad and serves as the “brain” and nerve center of your home security system, interacting with every sensor and communicating with the central monitoring station. This full color, touchscreen control panel is typically placed on a wall near your most common entry point for easy accessibility. Includes police, fire, medical emergency buttons, two-way voice technology, and live local weather updates.

Wireless Touchscreen

For larger homes, this secondary keypad allows full system control away from the primary control panel. It offers the same capabilities as the control panel but does not have two-way voice capabilities. Ideal for users who want to have an available control panel in their master bedroom, basement or second living room.

Key Fob

Remote device conveniently fits on a keychain and allows users to arm/disarm the system and remotely control lights without accessing the control panel. It also features an emergency panic button for emergencies. The key fob has a working distance of up to 200 feet from the control panel.

Guardian App

Guardian’s mobile phone app, Guardian Edge™ is available for both iOS and Android based smartphones and puts complete remote system control in the palm of your hand. In addition to controlling security features, users can also manage home automation functions such as lighting, locks, thermostats and garage doors.

Intrusion Sensors

Sensors included in the category serve as the primary monitoring devices for a Guardian security system by detecting unauthorized entry attempts and alerting users when an entry point is not secured prior to arming the system. From motion and glass-break sensors, to door and window sensors, if the sensor detects an event, it will immediately communicate with the control panel which will begin the alert process, contacting the monitoring center as well as your pre-determined list of emergency contacts.

Motion Sensor

Once your security system is armed, the motion sensor will detect movement, which triggers an alert signal notifying the control panel and system users. Guardian’s sensor is designed to be pet friendly to prevent false alarms.

Glass Break Sensor

Using advanced sound analysis technologies, the glass break sensor detects the specific profile and frequency of breaking glass from up to 20 feet away to trigger an alert. Ideal for areas where traditional door/window and motion sensors can’t be used.

Door Window Sensor

These sensors monitor doors, windows and anything else that can be opened and closed. The sensors work with the keypad’s chime function to sound whenever someone enters or leaves the house.

Micro Door Sensor

These discreet two-part sensors will detect when a door or window is opened. In addition to alerting the control panel when your system is armed, they can provide a chime so you know when a door is opened while you’re home.

Home Security Cameras

Many of today’s homeowners want a security system that not only will alert them to a potential emergency but will provide them with unrestricted eyes-on access to their homes throughout the day. Guardian Protection video cameras provide live feed video surveillance as well as providing a dedicated router to make sure you receive uncompromised images from their wide range of still and video home security camera options.

Wireless Indoor Camera

Guardian’s primary video camera is capable of monitoring an entire room or can be positioned to focus on only one area. With included Night Vision capability, homeowners can see what’s happening day or night. Features HD 720p resolution and can be programmed to be event-triggered, such as when a door/window sensor sends an alert and will push notification to users via text or email notification.

Pan & Tilt Camera

Offering 250 degrees of rotation, Guardian’s indoor pan and tilt camera allows users to have a more complete live view of their home from a web enabled device. Recorded videos are automatically stored in an online account. The camera features HD 720p resolution and can be programmed to be event-triggered and to only alert the user not the monitoring station.

Image Sensor

This unique device combines the features of both a motion sensor and a camera for an alternative solution for homeowners looking for image access of activity in their homes. If the sensor detects movement, the camera is triggered and takes a picture. Features color images for daytime and black/white images for low light. Once triggered, users will receive an alert and can immediately review the image through their online gallery.

Wireless Outdoor Camera

Guardian outdoor camera is both weatherproof and built with infrared night vision. Capturing images in full color HD 720p resolution during day light and black and white in the evening at a distance of up to 40 feet provides unparalleled peace of mind. Allows users to remotely view live video anytime from any web enabled device And can easily be programmed to be event triggered if desired.

Environmental & Life Safety

Designed to expand your Guardian’s security system to monitor and protect your family and home from threats other than break-ins, these sensors detect everything from smoke and heat, to undetectable threats like carbon monoxide as well as costly water leaks and more. Ideal for anyone looking to have their home security system provide complete home protection and peace of mind.

Smoke Detector

Designed to detect smoldering fires before they become blazes, Guardian’s smoke detector uses Photoelectric technology to detect increased levels of smoke particles in the air and provides 24/7 monitoring regardless of system status. Typically placed in on the entry level, in each bedroom, and in common areas.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Provides early warning and sounds alerts to the odorless and undetectable threat of carbon monoxide. Monitoring for unsafe levels of CO, the sensor will immediately alert the monitoring station if there is a risk and notify users. This sensor is designed to operate whether or not your system is armed, so you have 24/7 protection regardless of system status.

Heat Detector

Ideal for use where traditional smoke detectors aren’t suitable (such as the laundry room, utility room, kitchens or near furnaces). Monitored 24/7 by Guardian’s central station so they can contact the fire department whether the system is armed or not and provide coverage even while you’re away from home.

Audio Smoke Alarm

Perfect addition to homes with traditional unsupervised smoke alarms, the audio smoke detector reacts to the alarm sound of your existing smoke alarm and sends a signal to Guardian’s monitoring station providing fire protection while away from home without having to install additional smoke and heat detectors in the home.

Low Temp Sensor

For homes located in regions of the country where cold weather occurs, this sensor is ideal to minimize the risk of frozen pipes and health risks to pets and family members. The sensor will immediately send an alert if the temperature drops below the 45 degree threshold and immediately sends alerts to users.

Medical Pendant

The pendant works with Guardian Voicelink and Guardian Response Plus to summon help in a personal or medical emergency. The pendant can be worn around the neck or as a bracelet and will send an emergency signal to the monitoring center so help can be provided. Effective up to 200 feet away from the control panel.

Home Automation Equipment

As more and more homeowners look to expand the digital interaction and control of their homes through smart devices and equipment, Guardian home security systems include additional product options to make their customers’ lives more convenient and less expensive.

Automatic Door Locks

These smart devices provide deadbolt locks able to be controlled remotely by smartphone or computer or with authorized entry codes. These locks allow users to program them to automatically engage and disengage based on system status and provide alerts to users when a lock is accessed by another user.

Smart Thermostat

Self-adjusting wireless thermostat featuring z-wave communication protocol allowing users to remotely set and control the temperature of their home. With the ability to be programmed to adjust automatically based on temperature changes, the thermostat will also alert users when the setting has been changed manually – allowing better control and energy efficiency.

Light Control

With Guardian’s light control module, you can schedule, dim and turn lights on and off remotely, as well as program event triggers to automatically control lights to improve overall home energy efficiency or create the illusion your home is occupied while you are away.

Garage Door Control

Open and close your garage via any web-enabled device and program it to automatically close the garage door when your system is armed. Instant alerts are provided when the garage door is opened, so homeowners will always know what is happening at home, no matter where they are.

Guardian Protection Services Reviews

Expert Opinion

Guardian Protection Services is one of the longest-standing and largest home security providers in the country for good reason. Built on the premise of making sure the safety of their customers came first, the company has managed both its own growth and shifting trends in the home security industry without losing sight of their core focus.

Being a traditional-styled home security provider, Guardian Protection engages face-to-face with their customers which allows them to be “big” while acting “small”. A company that has the personnel and resources to provide long-term, stable service and expand their equipment and product line to meet and prepare for evolving needs of homeowners while still being able to give each customer the personal attention needed to provide the best possible sales and service experience.

We consider Guardian Protection to be one of the best traditional home security companies. They have long-standing relationships with award-winning security equipment providers, continually look to expand and offer new technologies and take an active role in helping their customers work with other members of their communities to make them safer for everyone. As a relatively big company, they’ve managed to maintain the core values of a neighborhood business by honoring and staying true to their history while forging ahead into the future to give their customers the best of both.

Customer Reviews

Considering the large size of the company, Guardian has impressively few negative online reviews which is indicative of their commitment to customer service. In fact, online reviews and testimonials often mention the company’s service department and the rapid response of the monitoring station – key elements of a quality security provider.

Of the negative reviews, most centered on billing and cancellation issues – a common complaint among home security customers because the terms and service of agreements are often overlooked. This is why we recommend you read your monitoring agreement carefully and completely.

Despite those concerns, the company still boasts one of the lowest churn or attrition rates (the rate at which customers cancel or terminate their Guardian services.) At 8.5 percent, it’s significantly lower than the industry’s average 12 percent and is indicative of Guardian’s overall success in providing customers with long-standing commitments to service and protection.

Guardian Employee Reviews

Guardian boasts that 25 percent of full-time employees have been with the company for 20 years or longer, making its fleet of installers, sales and customer service reps among the most knowledgeable in the field. Workers stay at Guardian because it lives its brand identity as a “big company with a small company feel.” Guardian is committed to giving back to communities and offers employees abundant opportunities to participate in charitable work. Guardian employees genuinely seem happy with the company they represent and it’s evident when reps speak with customers, old and new alike.

What Indeed Says About Guardian

  • 3.2 stars (out of 5).
  • Top Kudos: Job culture, compensation/benefits.
  • Top Complaints: Job security and micromanagement.

About Guardian

Guardian’s History

Guardian began life in 1950 as Guardian Alarm Systems of Pittsburgh, offering security systems to area jewelry stores. When Russell L. Cersosimo bought the company in 1975, he renamed it Guardian Protection Services and began installing security systems in homes throughout Western Pennsylvania, eventually becoming the nation’s largest privately held home security company. Unlike many security companies that outsource monitoring services, Guardian operates its own monitoring center located in its corporate headquarters in Warrendale, Pennsylvania. The monitoring center is a preferred customer of telecom companies and has three redundant backup power sources for uninterrupted service.

Today, Guardian partners with the Armstrong Group of Companies and continues to grow through a coast-to-coast network of corporately-owned and authorized dealers and continues to receive accolades, including SDM’s Dealer of the Year in 1999 and 2013 – the first company in the award’s 33-year history to have been selected twice for the honor.

Where Guardian is Headed

Guardian is climbing aboard the automation train and beta-testing sophisticated home automation products, making sure they live up to the company’s standards before distributing them in the field.

Cool Stuff on the Horizon

DVR cameras that record non-stop, rather than when triggered by a security event.

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