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The 3 Big Disadvantages of Using Led Garden Lighting

Updated: 12/26/2023
led garden light

LED lighting has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last few years. In fact, it is the go-to technology for most garden and party lighting today. So when you are looking at LED garden lighting, your need to bear in mind not only the considerable advantages but also its disadvantages in some situations. There are three main areas of risk you need to consider as follows.

The Initial Costs of the Lights

This is not a major factor when you look at the purchase price at most LED garden lighting suppliers. The gap on this is minor at the moment but needs to be considered all the same when looking at the whole life costs of any outdoor lighting installation of any kind. LED bulbs are more expensive when you weigh them up per lumen against similar incandescent or halogen bulbs and tubes.

But this really only refers to replacement costs. Now it is rare not to get the full life from any LED deck lighting fixtures. In fact, they can last 10 times longer or more than other bulbs. But if you do have to replace them, they will cost more.

Performance in Certain Temperatures

LED lights and bulbs love the cold. In fact, LED garden lighting systems actually perform better the colder it gets on the whole. This is one of the effects of their solid-state technology. But in hotter weather, they may have their limitations. Above 25 degrees centigrade, it has been noted that performance can suffer. At even higher temperatures, they have been known to fail completely. This is rare, but it could happen.

So if you live in a very hot area such as Texas or Utah, then consider options for your deck lighting ideas carefully. Oftentimes, the best bet is to actually go find someone with LED garden lights and find out how they perform, and this will give you a clue as to whether you should choose them or not.

They Might Actually Be Bad for the Environment

LED garden lighting is often praised for the reduced amount of electricity they take to perform its lighting tasks. This is a good green benefit, especially if you are using low-voltage LED garden lights. But it is counterbalanced by one of their other great properties.

You see, what LED deck lighting is good at is delivering high and more intense quantities of light from a smaller source and for less energy input. But we have to remember that light pollution is pollution in itself, and reference to the International Dark-Sky Association guidelines is needed. The intense blue light from cool white LED bulbs do cause more light pollution than other sources.

The solution is to look for the Dark Sky badge of certification on LED garden light fittings and fixtures that comply with their guidance. Of course, using LED solar garden lights in your plans will also help offset any light pollution issues from an ecological perspective.

These three disadvantages of LED garden lights themselves, to my mind anyway, do not outweigh the considerable advantages that using the best LED garden lighting brings. But depending on your individual circumstances and outlook, they may need to be considered when buying and installing LED lights for garden landscape planning. You need to carefully weigh up the specifications of the LED garden lighting for sale and consider if it is within your range of tolerances and personal outlook environmentally.

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